Petrolink reduces invisible lost time and saves you money by making sense of your data. With advanced analytics and real-time visualization, we help you understand what your data means so you gain business insights, see trends and make better decisions.

Data Analytics – Turn your data into actionable knowledge
Petrolink’s RigMetrix is a powerful yet easy to use rig performance monitoring and analytical reporting solution. It collects rig surface sensor data and analyzes the rig activity state in real-time so you can make better, more informed decisions about optimizing your drilling operations.

Real-Time Data Visualization – See your data the way you want to
With Petrolink’s Real-Time Solution, you always know exactly what is happening with your well, even when thousands of miles away, so you can address and solve situations quickly. The system’s real-time display provides a multitude of information at-a-glance and offers folder tree, tabs for easy toggling between displays, current drilling status and the ability to set up customized alerts.